Tipton 5 Pack

There's no place like home... I'm very proud of where I come from and one of my greatest goals as a photographer is to share the often under appreciated beauty of the places that I know and love. Tipton, Iowa is a very special place: your quintessential little Midwestern town with great local shops, amazing schools, quiet scenic streets and the best people you will ever meet. To many of us who know the good fortune of having grown up there, or those who have been blessed for Tipton to fill any chapter of their life, this town will always have a special place in our hearts. I created these unique Tipton note card packages with that in mind. Full of scenery and memories, they offer a wonderful chance for shared celebration amongst neighbors, or as reminders of home to send loved ones who have been pulled away.

The Tipton five card set (as seen below) includes: American flags in honor of Veteran's Day on the Library Square, a classic view of our beautiful fall color looking toward the water tower down Lynn Street, Tipton track (and a title that our local runners will surely understand!), the Tiger Country sign on the backside of the scoreboard at Diedrichsen Field, and our beloved Hardacre Theatre, with marquee lit up and friends gathered for the town Christmas celebration a couple years ago.

Each handcrafted 5x7 artisan note card comes with the original photo on an embossed cover, and is stamped and labeled with title and location on the back. Cards are blank on the inside, which make them great for any occasion and perfect for sharing words and sentiment uniquely your own. Envelopes are also included. Please enjoy complimentary shipping on your order.


*Please also visit my Tipton Gallery for larger prints and more of the stories behind these photos.