My hometown of Tipton is incredibly special to me. It's where I grew up, it's where generations of my family have lived now for nearly a hundred years, and it is, no matter where life may take me, where my heart will always call home. Much like my sentiment regarding the surrounding Iowa countryside, I recognize an unspoken quality to life here; a subtle beauty, often overlooked, but priceless to those of us fortunate enough to know it. Be it the rustle of leaves in a warm autumn breeze, the magic of early season snowfall beneath glowing street lights, bustling garden centers emerging outside of local businesses with the arrival of spring, or the sound of drums echoing off historic downtown buildings as the school marching band makes its way up Main Street in the Fourth of July parade- each season is full of moments ready to elicit a soft smile and gentle reminders of what life is all about. And even beyond the sights and sounds, it's the people that truly make this community great. Kind, hard working, compassionate and diverse, it has always been a privilege to know so many as neighbors, family and friends... Photos don't always serve personal memories or emotion justice, but I am honored to share this glimpse of the place I know as home.

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