Projects & Shows

2022 Festivals & Shows

I am currently in the process of applying for shows and awaiting jury results. Confirmed dates will be added here through the spring and early summer as my schedule fills out.

May 7-8- Beaux Arts Festival, Davenport, IA

May 21-22- East Lansing Art Festival, East Lansing, MI

June 3-5- Iowa Arts Festival, Iowa City, IA

June 16-18- Summerfest Arts Faire, Logan, UT

July 1-3- Whitefish Arts Festival, Whitefish, MT

July 15-17- Pearl Street Arts Fest*, Boulder, CO

or... Salida Arts Festival, Salida, CO

August 5-7- Kimball Arts Festival*, Park City, UT

August 12-14- Sun Valley Arts Festival*, Ketchum, ID

August 27-28- Bucktown Arts Fest, Chicago, IL

September 2-3- Good Makers Market, Tipton, IA

September 17-18- Riverssance Festival of Fine Art, Davenport, IA

*- Denotes shows I am currently "Wait Listed" for. This means that while I didn't make the cut for initial invitations, the jury did deem my work good enough to participate and will still extend the opportunity if a booth space opens up. Many of these shows have expressed optimism in this possibility, more so than usual, as they are still making adjustments to their festival layouts following booth distancing constraints during the pandemic.While my participation in these festivals isn't yet confirmed, I've decided to go ahead and list them (they are some of the more prestigious shows in the nation, so it's still an honor to be thought of as worthy) and will remain hopeful for the opportunity.

Current Projects

Iowa Diversity Project- In 2019 I took a solo bike tour of Iowa, following the route of the American Discovery Trail across the state to take pictures and have a look around. I saw it very much as a "rediscovering my home state" kind of endeavor, and everything went pretty much according to script. I met friendly people, enjoyed the scenery, and managed to keep my sense of humor even while bumbling through a series of mishaps along the way. Reflecting on this a year later, however, I had to question if I truly explored the full Iowa experience, or simply indulged in the side that I already knew. As an admittedly awkward white farm boy, there was a great deal of familiarity in the rolling hills and small towns I rode through, and the metro areas all had beautiful trail networks that felt mostly like a journey through the forest as I slipped past. But what is the Iowa experience really like for those who are not awkward white farm boys? For those of other ethnicities and backgrounds, how might life be different than that I grew up knowing in the state? Could everyone casually enjoy such an adventure, or is their reality different and my limited awareness due to a privilege that I need to confront?... In my work, I have always sought to dispel Iowa stereotypes. Just as I know it is not one big flat cornfield, I also know that it's a land of wonderfully diverse people and culture. I wanted to take a closer look and get to know these other sides of my home state too. And I wanted to get a true understanding, through the stories and experiences of others, of how inclusive of a place it actually is. So in September 2020, I returned with a much greater focus on listening to the accounts of others; and trying to better learn the Iowa view from all walks of life. It was another ride intent on rediscovery, this time determined to get it right...-Stay tuned. I'm currently doing research and conducting follow-up interviews for a book that I hope to complete in 2022.

Nature First- I am a contributing writer and North American ambassador for Nature First- a world-wide coalition advocating ethical nature photography. You can learn more about our work, and why it is imperative for photographers of all levels to always treat wildlife and our cherished places with care and respect, by clicking HERE. Or better yet, come see me in person at one of the shows listed above and ask what we're all about!

Frank "Kinney" Holbrook Memorial Society- I am a co-founder and active in several ongoing projects with the Holbrook Society, a nonprofit based in my hometown of Tipton, Iowa. We are dedicated to honoring the incredible life and legacy of our namesake- a Tipton native who just one generation removed from slavery broke racial barriers to claim many trailblazing achievements, including becoming the first Black collegiate athlete in Iowa history. We are currently fundraising to place a Holbrook memorial statue in Tipton, and to create a scholarship and youth award in Holbrook's honor. Additionally, we work to continue our town's progressive traditions by advocating equality, and through educational outreach and youth programming. To learn more about Frank "Kinney" Holbrook, our mission, or projects currently in the works, please visit our website HERE.

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