Artisan Note Cards

By popular demand I'm very excited to offer my original handcrafted artisan note cards for online purchase, grouped in packages by location or theme. Each 5x7 card consists of a high quality photograph affixed to ornately embossed heavy duty card stock, and is labeled with the photos title and location on the back. The cards are blank on the inside and an envelope is included. These are ideal for those of you who wish to connect with people through your own words and sentiment for a more thoughtful, personal touch; and perfect to have on hand for any occasion. Available in quantities of 5 or 10, simply click on the options below to see the cards included in each lineup.

-A personal note on my card sets... A pretty common viewpoint in the fine art world, especially as an artist evolves and strives to create works of more prestige, is that lower priced items are not only unworthy of our time but might prove detrimental toward our image as serious artists. Honestly though, that's just not me. I started my business selling note cards at my local farmers market, and slowly built it piece by piece on the back of many sleepless nights- when I would stay up making cards to be sold at market the next morning for a couple bucks a pop. My work too, has evolved, and I now offer museum-grade fine art prints that will make stunning additions to any collection... but I haven't forgotten where I came from. I understand that not everybody is looking for a masterpiece to hang on their wall, and the purpose, as well as the true honor, of sharing my work is for its ability to touch people. As humbling as it is to think of my artwork displayed in somebody's home, I take equal satisfaction imagining the tearful smile on the face of someone's grandmother as she opens an envelope to admire one of my photos and read a heartfelt note inside. With this in mind, I'm going to keep making cards. So even when you find me at an art show amid display walls adorned with high end prints, you can be confident in knowing that I was still up until three am the night before, gluing photos to card stock and hand labeling each location one at a time. And please know that to me each sale is just as meaningful, and that everything I create is done with an equal sense of pride.