2021 Tipton Calendars

Following great popularity with last years release I'm happy to once again offer a calendar featuring my hometown of Tipton and the surrounding Cedar County countryside. The cover of this 2021 edition celebrates a classic summer scene with stars and lightning bugs on a rural summer night. Inside you will find the following monthly photos...


The January image showcases the beauty of winter with a snow-laced forest seen captured at Rock Creek Timber, northwest of town.


February features the Cedar County Freedom Rock, located on Main Street in front of the Courthouse. The south side of this mural depicts scenes from the Underground Railroad which had a significant presence here, with important stops in and around Tipton, as well as other nearby communities including West Branch, Springdale, Cedar Bluff, and Mechanicsville. Escaped slaves generally entered Iowa from the west and passed through on their way to Chicago, Detroit, and ultimately freedom in Canada.


March reveals a dusting of early spring snow at the Red Oak Church and Cemetery.


The April image shows the Tipton water tower against a cotton candy sky. Ever notice how every single town in Iowa is named after its water tower? Seriously- Every. Single. One... It's uncanny.


White and pink apple blossoms accent a small orchard on my parent's farm west of Tipton.


I'm willing to bet anybody lucky enough to have grown up in Tipton will recognize this scene from the City Park. Isn't it funny how we remember things as we once saw them and can come back years later to find we were wrong all along? I swear when I was a kid this was a yellow horse with a flowing mane and chin tucked against its chest... but somehow it turned into a lion over time.


Growing up in 4-H the pinnacle of the summer was always the Cedar County Fair in mid-July, and this midway scene on a moonlit night brings many fond memories to mind.


A plaque and monument outside of the high school to memorialize Tipton's Old Union School, which was the first free public school west of the Mississippi. Tipton has a long and proud history in public education and was at one time the largest consolidated school district in the state.


A beautiful mother doe with her fawn on a quiet country road in magical September light.


Looking up to a yellow and orange tinged canopy of autumn leaves in Tipton's Library Square on a late October afternoon.


The November image is of the mural on the side of the old hotel at the corner of 6th Street and Main. No matter where life takes us, Tipton always feels like home.


Rounding out the year with a snowy December scene from the Cedar County Historical Society's Pioneer Village. The village and museum located along Highway 38 just north of town is a true gem and wealth of information for local history.

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