Small Format Prints

Have a smaller space to fill? I understand that not everybody is in the market for or ready to invest in large gallery style artwork, and I'm more than happy to accommodate other needs too. This collection highlights some of my small format pieces- prints available in 8x10 or 11x14 inch size. Included are some truly gorgeous images, in fact some of my personal favorites and all time best selling photos are listed here. In several of these cases the photos were captured with an older camera, so resolution may limit them to smaller print sizes, or the image itself may lend better to these dimensions than those common from a full frame camera. With the exception of Collector's Special Edition works, you can order prints of the images found in the main Galleries in an 8x12 size here as well. These professional ink jet prints arrive signed and matted, ready to be put in a frame for display. While not of the same heirloom quality as the silver halide chromogenic prints listed as Fine Art selections, they are still made using archival ink, paper and matting materials to provide beauty and enjoyment for years to come.

Please note that sizes listed refer to print dimensions. You will need frame sizes compatible with the perimeter of the mats. An 8x10 print, for instance, will need a frame with an 11x14 inch window, as that is how big the piece is when matted. 8x12 prints require a 12x16 inch frame, and 11x14 prints take a 16x20. The metal prints come with float mount backing and metal hanger. They don't require additional framing and are ready for display.