"Make a Wish..."

What can I say about this one... it is hands down my most popular photo- both in terms of sales and comments at shows- and certainly a piece that is very sentimental to me. Others love it too, for good reason. It speaks of whimsy, innocence, peace, and how beauty truly does exist in the eye of the beholder.

To answer some common questions, no this was not taken with mirrors or using special effects. It is a pure image, single exposure straight out of the camera. I will confess, it's not a true dandelion- it's actually a salsify (goatsbeard) which is a bit larger, but as you can see looks otherwise very similar. The plant was growing in a steep road ditch, allowing me to lay beneath it to get this composition. It's all a matter of perspective, and the emotional evocation of this photo takes us right back to the carefree joy of blowing on a dandelion, and watching the seeds scatter magically with our wishes on the breeze.

Another little secret about this photo? It was taken with one of my first digital cameras, an entry level 5 megapixel point and shoot. Fifteen plus years later, the camera you have on the phone in your pocket completely blows that one away. I point to this often when people contend that expensive equipment is necessary to "take good pictures." No it isn't. Personal vision and passion matter far more, and if you love photography the true joy is in the act of capturing beauty in a moment... no matter what kind of camera you have in your hand. (Seriously... just go out and shoot!) The one downside in this case is that the file resolution isn't conducive to really large prints (it looks great up to about a 12x18, but after starts to appear pixelated) and that is why I have it listed here instead of in my fine art gallery. Regardless, though, this photo has literally made thousands of people smile over the years, which is one of the many reasons that I love it so.