Prairie & Forests Division- Round 2

Welcome to Round 2 of the March Madness Photo Showdown. Below you will find the pairings for this round's Prairie & Forests Division match-ups. Click on the image titles listed below each graphic to view any given photo at full size. For complete contest rules and prize information, click HERE.

"Make a Wish" vs "Redwood Slalom"

"After the Storm" vs "Palisades"

"Sacred Ground" vs "Wildcat Gold"

"Secret Realm" vs "Down in a Hole"


To vote for the images that you would like to see advance to the next round, simply click HERE and send a message listing your favorites, either by name or seed number. If using numbers, please be sure to include "Prairie & Forests- Round 2" to identify this as the category that you're voting on. And if you would like me to email you updates through the remainder of the contest, you can SIGN UP HERE.

Thank you for playing, and good luck!