2022 March Madness Round One Overview

We're kicking off this year's March Madness Photo Showdown with 32 images, split into 4 divisions that coincide with entry categories at the Iowa State Fair. Your votes will help me to decide which of these photos to submit to this year's fair photo contest. Simply click the following links to view the matchups in each category:

Iowa Landscapes

U.S. Landscapes

Black & White Landscapes

"The Open Road"

There are several ways to vote, and you're more than welcome to participate across different platforms to increase your chance at the prize drawings. Watch for posts on my social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and make your picks by commenting on your favorite of the two images shown in each individual matchup. Or if you'd like to receive the pairings by email, CLICK HERE to sign up and you'll have entry information delivered directly to your inbox at the beginning of each round, linking you back to these overview pages. From there, view the pairings and make a list of your choices, then email me back with those picks.

For the complete schedule, along with contest and prize info, please CLICK HERE.

Round 1 runs from March 21-March 24, so be sure to get your votes in by Thursday night.

Thanks for taking part, and good luck!