Licensing & Permission

Thank you for your interest in my work. It is an honor to catch someones attention and earn the trust that my imagery can be used to promote a business, story, message or cause. I am always happy to field inquiries and am eager to discuss ways in which I can help address your photo needs. Simply click the link at the bottom of the page to send me an email, and I'll get back to you promptly.

Image Licensing

All of my work is under Copyright protection, and advanced written permission must be obtained prior to any usage or transmission. Please have a look through my galleries, or use the Search feature from the menu above to seek out photos by location or theme. If there is a photo or photos of interest, please specify the title or copy the URL address and include it in your email inquiry. Also include any details on intended use, image resolution requirements, projected circulation, or other pertinent information. I will follow up with any questions, provide a quote, and grant permission upon agreement of terms.

Projects for Hire

Need content for a specific project? I'd love to help. With a degree in journalism and abundant experience in writing, photography and videography I am always open to freelance opportunities, be it a story for publication, website material, or other use. I am also available for commercial or residential shoots. Send me an email and let's connect to discuss how my diverse skill set might fit your project needs.


I have a long history of giving back by working with small nonprofits and am always happy to help further environmental, social justice or community based causes, often waiving rights fees for specified uses. If you see potential in my work to help your organization advocate on behalf of a better world, please don't hesitate to reach out to discuss possible terms and collaborations.


I respectfully decline in advance any offers to provide my work in exchange for exposure. This is my livelihood, and with the exception of working with small nonprofit organizations as stated above, being able to continue in this profession requires fair compensation. It is extremely disheartening to have multi-million dollar companies offer photographers, who are often scrapping for every penny, a chance to be published in lieu of payment. It is a manipulation of hope, and unprofessional to either make this offer or accept, as it devalues the hard work, personal expense, training and time commitment that exists behind the creation of quality photography. I'm willing to work very hard to provide images that will fit the needs of and to build mutually beneficial relationships with my clients, and only ask to be compensated fairly in return. Thank you for your understanding.