The wild beauty of an Iowa spring with bright pink red bud blossoms set amidst early forest greens greens in Red Haw State Park.
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"Back to the Garden"

Red Haw State Park, Iowa

Titled in reference to the old Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young song "Woodstock", this image is one of my all time personal favorites. It represents depth and intricacies of beauty in the untamed wild. As I isolated this little pocket of forest and timed shutter clicks through breaks in the fog, I remember thinking this is exactly how I'd imagine the Garden of Eden to appear. I studied the textures and colors, admired the hues of pink redbud blossoms and tender emergent greens, and considered what went into every brush stroke that paints this scene. It's so much more than pretty spring blooms. It's a landscape, billions of years in the making, contoured in the sands and sediments of time. It's plant life that has grown and evolved in relation with its community to create abstract patterns and display colors in response to seasonal cycles and biologic needs. It reflects microbes in the soil which construct optimal conditions for this very life, nurtured by the decomposition of all the plants and animals which have come before. It is sunlight that has traveled 93 millions miles to arrive in this place and time, dispersed by atmospheric conditions created by complex water cycles and wind patterns to cast the woods in this specific glow. Captured in this shutter click is a scene eons in the making and without promise of ever occurring in this precise manner again. That's the magic of photography, but also a reminder of the wonders that exist in every moment of life. I walked away that morning with those familiar lyrics running through my head...

"We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon, and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden."

This work is part of my Collector's Special Edition series, with production limited to 28 large format pieces in total. Once this benchmark is met, the image will be retired forever- significantly increasing its value for the small group of people who hold it in their collections worldwide. Please visit my Fine Art page for additional information on Edition types, Provenance, and Artist's Proofs.

Photo © copyright by Josh Meier.

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