"Out of Rain..." 5x7 Matted Print

Some photos require arriving on scene hours in advance and waiting for the light to hit just so. Others have us sprinting through wet chest high weeds and tearing our way over a barbed wire fence to fire off a shot with seconds to spare. Such was the case here as this brilliant rainbow broke over the rural Tipton countryside in wake of a severe thunderstorm. I took to my yard to casually enjoy the view, but upon noticing how the light had cast the damp barn-wood of my neighbors corn crib in a deep red glow, I knew I had to get this shot. The race was on as I grabbed my camera and dashed the hundred yards through the deep road ditch and up the hill, arriving an instant before all of this vibrant color faded away. It's a good reminder of how fleeting the beautiful moments in life can be.

The title of this photo has dual interpretations, depending on how you want to see it. On one hand, like this rainbow truly lovely things can come out of rain. But on the other hand, as the Gary Allen song that actually inspired this title goes, "Every storm runs out of rain." In that, it's also a reminder of hope, that no matter how hard life gets to just keep going. Like the beautiful moments, pain also ends, and we have to keep carrying on.

"Out of Rain..."

Cedar County, Iowa

5x7 Matted Print

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